Monday, November 15, 2010

A Super Simple Dessert

Beginning our allergy free lifestyle a few months ago made for some of our more traditional dishes being deleted for a while.  Not for good, but for a while!  Our Kentucky-style dessert menu contains a lot of pies and my favorite, bread pudding.  I wanted to conquer a new dessert for my family yesterday, and I won! 

Desserts can be overwhelming with an allergy-free lifestyle change.  You have to supplement a lot of ingredients for what used to be simple recipes.  That can be a tough change to make, at least it was for me.  I found myself buying a lot of pre-made sweets for the house, something I never did before.  For a healthier change a few years ago, I eliminated sweets from the house.  I would make dessert once or twice a week, and that was it.  It was an awesome change when the kids were younger because they were reaching for the fruit and appreciated the homemade desserts.  I found that if we had cookies or ice cream in the house consistently, they would get eaten consistently.  That’s not a healthy lifestyle for us.  I am slowly but surely making the homemade desserts for us again.  When my dairy goats were being milked,  I was making a lot of homemade frozen custard thanks to my Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker attachment.  That thing is awesome!  This year I lost my oldest girl, Grace and my bigger girl, Heidi, is newly bred.   Therefore, no goat milk until she kids. 

When considering our favorite desserts yesterday, I remembered how easy it was to make my frozen custard.  I considered how great it would be for the boys to come home from their deer stand to warm, baked custards.  SOLD!  My daughter and I got to work considering what we had in the pantry and fridge for ingredients.  One thing we always have is sorghum molasses.  I love it!  It’s one of those ingredients that we tend to always have because it’s not something you use all the time.  I have to say, I was pretty impressed with this dessert.  I, shockingly, got it right the first time.  I made the dessert first and moved the jars to a cooling rack while I made dinner.  While the family was enjoying their pasta and meatballs made with pumpking and brown butter sage sauce, oh yeah!  Recipe to come on that one.  I had the oven on warm and just reheated the custards through.  One thing I did not have was ramekins.  Instead, I used my small jam jars and the jars that came with my yogurt machine.  Pretty simple and delicious!