In Our Kitchen

Some of my pantry staples:
These items make meal planning a breeze.  Some are pricey but well worth it and full of flavor!

Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose Flour - a staple for just about everything you bake until you figure out your own.
Coconut Secret Soy-Free Soy Sauce - best treat we found at Whole Foods Market.
Xantham Gum - It is pricey, but you really need it when first learning to cook allergy-friendly.. Long shelf life.
100% pure Vermont Maple Syrup
100% pure local honey
Pure Olive oil - I use for main dishes...
Pure Corn oil - I use to make salad dressings and desserts, I also like to use to make flavored oils.
Unsalted Butter - butter makes the world go round... brown butter with sage to toss with pasta, OMG!
Plain Greek Yogurt - great as a substitute for milk in meals, toss with fruit and honey for breakfast or snack.
Brown Rice - when in doubt; we make fried rice.
Quinoa - makes a great side or main dish.
Buttermilk - great for pancakes, waffles, cornbread, or chicken.
GF Bisquick - makes the BEST pancakes.
EnerG Bread Crumbs - I love the texture of this brand the best. I buy them plain to add my own flavors.
Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips - chocolate chips (need I say more?)
Frank's Hot Sauce - great for marinades and dressings.
Prepared Garlic in a Jar (chopped) - just better than using garlic powder.
Jar of Roasted Red Peppers - add to a pasta dish, rice, or sandwiches for a ton of sweet flavor.
Dried Beans - I prepare a bag of dried beans once a week, separate, and freeze for meals.