Monday, November 22, 2010

Not A Tip-Toe Kind of Gal!

I am not being silly!  That is what I keep telling myself, anyway.  If I so much as mention food allergies or the snacks options around us, the other parents go into defense mode.  Why is that?  My husband whom is my biggest fan; he tells me to deal with it.  No, really.  Deal with it because no one wants to talk about it or deal with it- except us. 
Why is that?  I don’t understand why people are so defensive about their own food choices and why I should have to tip-toe around it.  I’m not a tip-toe kind of gal, and I don’t want to be.  With that said, however, am I being too obnoxious to the outside world with what I’m doing at home?  Am I too involved at school?  My children attend public school, and they do not provide my daughter anything to eat because of her food allergies.  By state law they are supposed to provide her with a well-balanced meal everyday for lunch.  When we spoke with the head of food services, she allowed us to look through their food/menu options.  None of which she could have.  Therefore, I was allowed to bring a microwave into her classroom for the year and provide her lunch daily.  I assured her teachers that whatever was to come up with classroom parties, treats, etc., just email and I will provide her with an allergy-friendly version.  I thought all this was a good thing, but maybe not. 
When dealing with school and sporting events, the other parents act like I’m making it up or something.  My daughter doesn’t want everyone to know she has food allergies, she’s 8, and so I just bring her own snacks and be done with it.  The other parents get defensive that maybe I don’t think their snacks or treats are good enough.  Are you serious?  First of all, they usually aren’t good enough because it’s usually junk food.  Even before we had food allergies I was the mom bringing the fruit, and I still am even now.  You would think with the emphasis on health in today’s society that more parents would be doing so, but that is not the case in this area.  I tried speaking to the principal.  She looked at me and asked what I would like her to do for us because more fruit was not an option due to money.  What?  I don’t agree with that at all, but who am I except a lowly housewife and mom.  No one important to them.  Well, maybe I can make a change somehow, even if it’s just through all of you readers. 
I would love to hear some of your stories, ideas, and input.  Even if you don’t have a challenge of food allergies, are you an advocate for healthier choices?  What about the olden days when the “treats” were a sticker or pencil?  I thought that was great, why not try that route.  More is not necessarily better.