Friday, November 12, 2010

Just a Note

I have been so incredibly blessed since starting my Food Allergy Support Group.  We meet monthly and I have gained such a support system in them.  We have been lucky enough to receive samples to try from Pamela's, Katz, Udi's, Kinnikinnick's, and most recently Namaste Foods.  We have enjoyed these so much!  Being in a smaller town, there is not a lot out there in our faces to try.  Most of these members had not tried a lot of these companies.  It is such a blessing to have them so willing to send us samples and literature to further educate ourselves and our families.
Most recently, we received samples from Namaste Foods.  They are an allergy free company whom prepare dry mixes for purchase in specialty stores in our area of Kentucky.  In our shipment we received Chocolate Cake Mix and Toffee Vanilla Frosting mix.  I made cupcakes to share to our members and encouraged everyone else to bring an allergy free treat as well.  It was our last meeting of the year due to the busy holiday season ahead.  The cupcakes were a hit!  I have already received notification from some of our members who have located and bought the mixes in hopes of sharing with their families over the holidays.  Good News!  
I hope my support group, blog, upcoming books, and family continue to thrive in this allergy free lifestyle in the oncoming year.  My daughter was diagnosed with her allergies this past July at 7 years old.  We continue to have  daily struggles at home and with our public school system and family.  I hope to continue to advocate to our local restaurants and school system to include food allergies in their daily menus and schedules.