Monday, January 3, 2011

Simpli: A Review

Happy New Year!!  I plan to get a lot accomplished this year.  I have had many things “in the work” this past year and now is the perfect time to push forward.  This blog will begin the year with a review.  I was recently contacted by Simpli to sample and review their apricot oatmeal.  Here is what Simpli had to say about what makes their oatmeal so special.
·        Instantly adds much-needed fiber to gluten free diets.
·        Only four ingredients – oats, apricots, sugar, and salt.
·        Intensely flavored oats from Scandinavia.
·        Delicately dried and diced fresh apricots.
·        Zero cholesterol, additives, or preservatives.
·        Every ingredient is GMO free.
·        Certified gluten free: ELISA R 5 tested
·        Delicious treat for celiac disease sufferers and those on vegetarian and vegan diets.

Our first try with the oatmeal was not a huge success; add hot water and stir.  The second try was better with hot milk.  I also combined it with pancake mix and made the best pancakes for a cold morning.  I have to say our third try is a favorite with my family.  The company offers many great recipes for their oatmeal and also has GF whole oat flour coming soon.  I look forward to trying all that Simpli has to offer our family and I encourage you to do the same.  I like the idea that Simpli really is simple, you see what you get.  Outside of making it ourselves that is hard to come by.