Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Knowing When to Choose Your Battle

I am having a hard time knowing when to choose my battles, I think.  Yes, I have become more vocal regarding local restaurants.  No, I have not said hardly anything to my daughter’s school.  I’ll admit it, I’m too scared.  I’m a big ‘ol chicken.  I’m not sure of when or if there is any point to “rocking the boat”.  At the beginning of the school year I spoke with the new principal and the board office.  I filled out the proper paperwork for the school and the nurse, and I spoke to her teachers and the cafeteria workers.  My husband delivered a microwave to her classroom because the cafeteria could not guarantee proper food and no contamination.  We figured we would just send the microwave and I would send her lunch daily.  There have been two times this school year that the school said they could feed her that day; my daughter came home disappointed and hungry due to the small portion and that it was served cold instead of warm.  “That’s okay”, I tell her.  “We know what we take to school is yummy and your teacher does a great job of heating it up.”  I figure that we are lucky in the regard that the public school system even allows us a microwave.  But is this the truth?  Am I not requesting enough to be done?  One of the mother’s in my support group attends a different public school and was able to single-handedly dissolve peanut butter from being served.  Wow, that’s impressive.  The kids can bring PB & J in their own lunch box, but it will no longer be served due to all of the peanut allergies.  My daughter is allergic to peanuts, but they still serve peanut butter as an option EVERYDAY!  I need Jamie Oliver to come to my school system with his food revolution.  That would make everything better, yeah right.  If I stand up for what I think they should be serving in the cafeteria will they take it out on my children?  I’ve seen it before.  So when do you stand up for what you believe?  How do you know what battle to choose?

The Art of War