Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Enjoying a Final Week of Fun!

The last week of Christmas Vacation is among us!  While some of my friends are racing to get their house back in order, I am still enjoying our decorations and now have every board game we own in the living room.  We have 22 board games to date, not to mention the game systems.  Although the wii is pretty cool, I still enjoy a good old-fashioned board game with the family.  My 10 year old is really good at scrabble.  I have officially stopped the holiday baking in our house to begin the cleansing at the beginning of 2011.  Family-time doesn’t have to involve eating at our house.  Before we know it the kids will be back at school and I will have a lot on my plate on the farm.  I’m already starting to plan for the gardens, I will have to have all of our seeds ready to start in the greenhouse by the end of January.  I also have one of my goats due to kid at the end of January to early February, and that will begin my milking process again; I have missed it so much.  Last year I lost my two oldest does, Grace and Hopey, they were my first losses since starting in dairy goats.  After I cried my eyes out, I got up and started again.  My daughter still gets sad for them and knows where to visit them, but she knows that when you adopt this lifestyle that things happen.  When one life ends, another soon begins.  I look forward to that in the coming year.  Our gardens will be bigger and better this year with a full seasonal rotation and we have made our orchard even bigger with the addition of more fruit trees.  The beginning of the year holds a world of work for us, so I will cherish this last week with my family.  I will still have our decorations up and our house a disaster for one last week of fun!