Monday, October 25, 2010

An Allergy Free Halloween - KY style.

Designing a Halloween party for the family and friends has been quite the experience.  It's our first Allergy Free holiday!  A good trial for the upcoming holidays.  A small Halloween party is planned in lieu of trick-or-treating, complete with hayride, apple bobbing, chili, hotdogs, apple cider, and roasting marshmallows.  I debated on giving goodie bags with allergy free candy, but ended up deciding against it.  Our society does too much with food anyways.  I would rather give halloween themed fun stuff - pencils, stickers, etc.  What's so wrong with that anyways?
I'm looking forward to making some fun stuff to eat for the kiddos.  I'm making a monstery mac 'n cheese, the kids are gonna love it.
When heating the water to add the rice pasta, add green food coloring!  The pasta will come out green, the more you add, the deeper the color!  So fun.  Cheese sauce starts with beschamel made from melted butter and flour to make roux (sorghum or allergy free all purpose),add milk to thin roux a bit and remove flour-y taste,  then adding white cheddar cheese.  Add more food coloring to white cheese sauce to make it yummy green fun. You can always get really brave and fun with the smaller kids and add broccoli florets or sweet peas.  The kids will love it and get to eat healthy and not even realize it.