Monday, January 13, 2014

Farm Life Prescriptions...

I realize how blessed our family is to enjoy our home the way we do. Our area enjoyed a bit of warmer weather this weekend; muddy as it was. The kids go up, did their chores, and commenced to getting as muddy as they possibly could. Their 4-wheeler is disgusting and thankfully they kept most of their riding to the back fields. No watching tv and playing video games all day here. They love to be outside and in the woods as much as possible. Of course they don't realize the health benefits of such a lifestyle. However, we do!  Thankfully, we don't deal with much in the way of illnesses on the Hill Farm. Don't get me wrong, they could both come home sick as can be today. If they do, they do. Our family thoroughly believes in the health benefits of sunshine, dirt, running, climbing, homemade food, and thanking our God for every bit of it!  I encourage everyone to partake in that prescription. 

Keeping a busy household on course is preparing as much as you can ahead of time. When I'm making our sausage or ground venison; I go ahead and portion everything out to make it easier to store in the freezer. Buying a bulk of aluminum pans with their lids makes it easier to prepare a couple of casseroles to store for "fast food" nights. One of our favorites would be Breakfast Burritos. 
Breakfast Burritos
2 lbs of cooked sausage 
1 dozen eggs scrambeled
16 tortillas 

I like to use the fiesta Rudi's tortillas, but paleo tortillas and even crepes work well. I build the tortillas and add fresh spinach to some, cheese, or salsa. Wrap them up in freezer paper and label your burritos for easy access. I store them in an open aluminum storage pan on a shelf in my freezer. These are great because they are easy, healthy, and allow you to be as creative as you'd like. Enjoy and Eat Well!